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Legal - Insurance - Risks


This department has a clear service vocation to the Group’s companies to which we provide legal advice. Based on its knowledge of the Organization and its projects, it adds value to its corporate sector, business development, and the applicable regulatory framework.

The area's activity is fundamentally preventive, intervening from the beginning in the different projects with other departments in a cooperative manner. It also has a reactive function in the event of adversities of a legal nature that may arise, proposing procedural guidelines and coordinating the activity of the professionals who intervene in the defense of the Group’s interests.

This is a great team of professionals who are passionate about their work, analytics and dynamics and have capacity for adaptation. The responsibility of being a basic tool in decision-making for management, with which the department is strategically aligned, is a great satisfaction.

Estibaliz Perez Arzoz

I am proud to work at a company that has entrepreneurial spirit and I feel fortunate to be part of a great team of professionals. At this Company, with which I share the same values, I learn from and enjoy my work every day, and I am passionate about what I do.

Estibaliz Perez Arzoz

Corporate Legal Advice Office, Sacyr S.A


Would you like to influence the key decisions made at Sacyr and act as a facilitator for identifying and evaluating the opportunities and risks for the business?

If you like international project management, interacting in multidisciplinary environments, and consider yourself to be an analytical person with empathy and the capacity for managing change, you can be a part of this team.

The risk management and control department develops directives, policies and tools for all Group companies to manage the risks inherent in their projects, throughout the entire life cycle.

Alberto Azcue y Arantxa Domínguez

The area’s work enables the Group, through designing and implementing a Comprehensive Risk Management System, to have an overall vision when making key decisions in relation to achieving strategic objectives. It also facilitates the creation of a risk culture in the different businesses that share best practices and lessons learned resulting in continuous improvement in decision making.

Alberto Azcue

Control and Risk Management, Sacyr S.A

Without a doubt, the best thing about working at Sacyr is having the opportunity to work with many other people who, not only from an employment and technical point of view, but also from the human point of view, form a great group that is a major asset to this Company. I believe that my own contributions and those of my colleagues make us better prepared to remove obstacles from our path that prevent us from progressing at our desired pace.

Arantxa Domínguez

Control and Risk Management, Sacyr S.A


Bertrand Russell once said, “A life without risk is a grey life; a life without control will probably be a short life.” The Insurance Area uses operational and financial treatment formulas to ensure investments achieve the desired profitability in a controlled and sustainable manner over time.

Its mission is to identify risk situations that may harm assets and compromise the achievement of corporate objectives. We are very fortunate to operate in the exciting market of risks and insurance, in a highly dynamic environment that is subject to continuous innovation and where leadership and adaptation skills are always tested.

The department’s primary objective is to provide appropriate and satisfactory solutions. For this reason, the essential elements for delivering a proposal with real added value for customers are: The pursuit of excellence in projects, creativity in proposed solutions, and the capacity to contribute the best individual aspects to the team's general interests.

Sergio Juárez

Every day, this area is conscious of the Group’s internationalisation process and the new challenges this implies. Each new subject tests the knowledge accumulated and demands the acquisition of new knowledge. Excellence is sought on a matter so specialised as materialising hedging coverage through the accumulation of knowledge in favour of internal customers’ requirements. Sacyr allows me to bring out the best in myself professionally. These are crucial times for the Company and I’m proud to be a part of this process through which the Sacyr of tomorrow is being created.

Sergio Juárez

Claims Department, Sacyr S.A