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Innovation - Strategy - Organization


The Innovation Area at Sacyr works on the quick development of creative initiatives focused on generating business value, implementing high impact cost-cutting technologies for all activity areas. Therefore, the department is in direct contact with the latest trends in innovation and with the most cutting-edge start-ups, generating an echo system with multiple opportunities.

At the same time, an innovative culture in line with the company’s mission, vision and values is promoted. The Innovation Area has recently undertaken an ambitious and motivating project: The launch of the Ingenium platform. This initiative provides employees in all areas with the opportunity to contribute ideas that respond to our challenges, participating in the continuous transformation in their daily work.

Mario Ibeas

Working in the Innovation Area at Sacyr has offered me the opportunity to share professional experiences with multidisciplinary teams from all business divisions. It also enables me to participate in projects that harness the latest technologies, in the areas of big data, augmented reality, IoT, drones, energy efficiency and nanotechnology. The most valuable aspect is the department’s working methodology. The Innovation Area actively collaborates to establish different hypotheses prior to the implementation of each project, creating a first version or minimum viable product that enables iteration and continuous learning.

Mario Ibeas

Innovation, Sacyr S.A


This department undertakes projects that analyse matters that affect the Group in the medium- and long-term. This begins with defining the strategic objectives, such as growth. Next, to achieve these objectives, an analysis is carried out at the highest level of detail in which the intensity with which the Group wishes to develop its activity in a certain geographic market is determined, what the entry strategy for the market will be, the resources that will be required, etc.

It also analyses market intelligence in order to understand competitors’ performance, as well as the main trends in the sectors in which Sacyr operates. The area’s main customers are the Group’s senior management and its objective is to help them make better management decisions.

Juan Carlos Santamaria

Strategy contributes information and knowledge to the Group so that it can focus on the markets and business that helps the company continue to grow. I like to work at Sacyr because of the magnitude of the projects and the impact they have on society. I would also like to mention the good workplace environment, which always makes work more enjoyable.

Juan Carlos Santamaria

Strategy, Sacyr S.A


The objective of the Organization Area is to collaborate with the businesses and the various areas of the company on implementing multidisciplinary projects. Specifically, this department detects needs and proposes solutions for them; it is the connection point between the IT teams and the end users.

It therefore assigns managers to each task, coordinates the work between the different teams, controls schedules and deadlines, and reviews the achievement of milestones.

Another one of the department’s responsibilities is to analyse organizational and operational structures in the different departments of the company, identifying areas for improvement and making the recommendations required to optimise them. In summary, the Organization Area has a transversal view of the needs and solutions in the different businesses, which enables it to detect best practices and propose their application to other areas.

Jaime Barbeito

What we mainly do is help other businesses in their daily operations as well as in their strategic vision, providing knowledge and project methodology. To do this, there is often a need to permeate the knowledge that the businesses have, which provides a transversal view of what happens in the different areas of the Company, and which is very interesting to the Group. What I like most is that I have the opportunity to work with different areas, instead of always in the same area. There is never time to be bored!

Jaime Barbeito

Strategy and Organization, Sacyr S.A