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Information Technologies


The objective of this Area is to define, implement and maintain the entire IT infrastructure worldwide, taking into account the power of the latest technological innovations that can be provided to the Group's different businesses. The objective is to provide all employees with the newest solutions to help them complete their daily tasks.

The department takes care of installation and maintenance of the entire IT facility, implementing local networks and communications systems (voice and data), in addition to managing the central systems located in corporate DPCs, where all corporate and business applications are supported.

The Systems Area ensures that Sacyr is a leading digital company, which allows it to provide businesses with the most advanced technological tools to consolidate and drive its leadership in the markets in which it operates.

Jose Maria Ortega

The Communications Area allows me to enjoy and work with the technological innovations that emerge and apply them to the different work areas. I am surrounded by highly competent, professional colleagues who help me to grow professionally every day and who form a great team, whose engagement and efforts directly benefit the Company.

Jose Maria Ortega

Communications, Sacyr S.A


The Design and Development Department implements and launches innovative initiatives and projects that enable greater efficiency and productivity in the business areas of Sacyr Group companies.

The Department assists internal customers in the selection of the best solutions for meeting their requirements, providing them with the support needed once the solutions have been implemented. It benchmarks market solutions, developing them when necessary using agile methodologies and it embarks on projects with the most innovative cloud solutions.

The team is highly qualified in all the technologies that it uses and is distinguished for having a clear service vocation and orientation towards satisfying users.

Roberto Sanchez Fernandez

The Design and Development Area implements, manages and supports all projects so that they are completed with high quality and within the time frame established, providing its knowledge and experience to the rest of the Group. Every day is a new challenge that ensures the team works together efficiently to solve new problems that the other areas have.

Roberto Sanchez Fernandez

Applications Development, Sacyr S.A