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Financial Economic - Audit


Corporate Financial Management, Sacyr coordinates, manages and creates corporate operations that are most relevant to the Group, while simultaneously reinforcing the link between all divisions and representing them before financial institutions and investors

Sacyr Management is responsible for defining capital structure policies, as well as innovating and implementing special Group operations aligned with its Strategic Plan.

At the same time, from the finance area of the business, Sacyr is dedicated to seeking, negotiating and closing non-recourse financing for its projects in the best conditions available on the market, establishing close ties with local and international investment banks, multilateral agencies and institutional lending investors.

Sacyr has a passion for charting the course and strategy of this vast Group; it is proud of its achievements and looks forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

Javier Mediavilla

The job of my department is to give advice so that Sacyr can make strategic decisions within its business plan. What I like most about my work is being close to decision-making. On the other hand, in human terms, the good relationships and harmony within the team and having highly capable technical- and business-qualified colleagues makes everything easier and the work is more enjoyable.

Javier Mediavilla

Structured Finance, Sacyr S,A

Administration and Accounting

This area provides financial information to managers in each business area for making decisions, using a methodology and processes to ensure that quality information is adapted to each activity in the market.

Javier Alonso Cerillo

Working at Sacyr involves continuous learning and allows me to improve my abilities every day. The demanding work is complemented by a good work environment, team spirit, and constant desire to improve. My experience with the company is very positive: Sacyr values effort, perserverance, and hard work, which allows workers to keep improving themselves. What I like the most about my job is the wide variety of subjects and the opportunity to learn in an international environment. If you are willing to contribute, you are more than welcome here.

Javier Alonso Cerillo

Administration & Operations Management, Accounting Control, Sacyr S.A


The auditing area implements and develops, independently and objectively, review and improvement activities on the efficacy, efficiency and economy of risk management, and control and governance processes in the organization. This reduces exposure to risk and improves and adds value to the operations undertaken. The department therefore reviews the internal control existing in the organization and, if deficiencies are detected in this control environment, recommendations are proposed.

All of this is carried out independently, objectively and in a way that addresses all Sacyr business lines and areas in which it has a presence, providing a profound understanding of the Group. Can you imagine a job that is more interesting, varied and dynamic?

Estela Fresan Landibar

Since I began working in the Sacyr Group’s Internal Auditing Area, I have had the opportunity to participate in different projects: evaluations of the control environment, reviewing business evolution, regulatory compliance work, and special reviews. As a result of this diverse work, I have an overall and dynamic vision of Sacyr that fosters learning and motivation. I also believe that the Group supports our work because they understand that it is essential to the Organization's operations.

Estela Fresan Landibar

Internal Audit, Sacyr S.A