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Comunication - Marketing - CSR

This department is responsible for the 360 degrees of the multinational company’s corporate identity. Some of the most visible activities include: Maintaining relations with the media and similar institutions, managing the brand and corporate identity, developing websites and updating social networks.producing distinguished events

It also provides support and supplies all types of material and content to business areas and the media, drafting and coordinating publications and producing distinguished events. Internally, the department produces newsletters, coordinates the Sacyr Sports Club calendar and manages the Group’s intranet. It also drives and coordinates corporate responsibility activities, and keeps up with sponsors and collaboration agreements, which the company promotes through its most important stakeholder: the Sacyr Foundation.

If you are motivated, flexible, multi-skilled, work well in a team, and your quality of work speaks for itself, then you will swim like a fish in water as a part of this team.

Regina Lopéz y Diego Zamorano

In my work I would highlight the possibility of having an overall vision of the Group, enabling me to manage the most appropriate messages that must be conveyed. It is important that the relations with communication media have the point of view of a journalist who understands the needs and sensitivities of the profession.

Regina López

External Communication, Sacyr S.A

My work involves, among other things, capturing the messages to convey to stakeholders and, based on the material matters identified, passing on these trends to the organization, driving and coordinating actions within the three dimensions of sustainability (social, environmental and economic). An important incentive of working at Sacyr is that I can develop my activities in an international environment and with very interesting prospects for the future.

Diego Zamorano

Corporate Social Responsibility, Sacyr S.A