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Business development - Contracts and Tenders

This area’s primary mission is to find new business opportunities that guarantee profitable and sustainable company growth. Its daily work involves finding new projects and bidding on contracts that are adapted to the company’s skills and experience and that are in line with the objectives established in the Strategic Plan, mainly in terms of international geographical implementation and the level of risks to assume.

Working in this department involves multidisciplinary tasks that are mainly of a technical nature. They are focused on the implementation and creation of constructive procedures, temporary plans, cost estimations, and other complementary aspects. Finally, if the tender is awarded, the department completes part of the negotiation process until the contract is signed.

Elena Diaz

My work is highly dynamic because the department is involved in various types of parallel projects with different technical specifications in diverse geographical areas. I work in a team of different specialists, which fosters interaction with colleagues throughout the entire Group. What I like most about my job is that, over time, I have progressively achieved greater knowledge and have had the opportunity to gradually assume greater responsibilities. I would say that my work contributes to the Group continuing to contract Spanish and international projects.

Elena Díaz

Sales Department - Energy and Industry, Sacyr Industrial

David Blazquez

Working at Sacyr means you are part of one of the leading companies in the world and have the opportunity to develop a life project and form part of a team in which you can grow professionally as well as personally. After the first year on the job, I was promoted to my current position, where I participate in one of the most dynamic areas of the Company. I am in contact with all the professionals who work at Sacyr throughout several continents, which is very gratifying given that their testimony is a reference to continuous learning.

David Blázquez

International Procurement, Sacyr Construction